The head of the Medical Tourism Association in Turkey, Serut Terzilar, revealed that "the Europeans account for 70% of the pioneers of hair transplantation in Turkey."


"Europeans come to Turkey for hair transplantation, in the form of groups of 5 or 10 people," Terzilar said in a press interview, on Tuesday.


He pointed out that "those coming from Arab countries to Turkey for hair transplantation make up 30%."


Terzilar stressed that "Turkey has made a great leap during the last decade, in the field of medical tourism."


He revealed that medical tourism revenues amounted to $2.1 billion during the year 2021.


He talked about the sector's future plans, saying, "We aim to achieve revenues of $ 5 billion, in the field of medical tourism by the end of 2022."


It is worth noting that medical tourism, including cosmetic tourism, has seen a great leap in Turkey in recent years, as it has become competitive with its counterparts in various countries due to its quality and low cost relative to Europe and the United States in particular.